Don’t Fear the Flowers

Many allergy sufferers fear the outdoors this time of Year. Spring brings renewal and joy for me, but for some of my clients it is nothing but grief. Red, itchy and watery eyes can be alleviated by cool herbal compresses of JuHua (chrysanthemum flowers). For post nasal drip and runny nose, mucolytics like Juniper or Cypress can dry that drip right up! Diffuse these essential oils in your home, car and office or make a 3% dilution roll-on and apply to your temples and the lymph nodes on your neck.

The plants are not our enemy, allergies are a response to a weakened Wei Qi (Defensive Qi) that needs to be strengthened. Our co-evolution with flowers, herbs and mushrooms make them your best defense against your allergic response. Then you will see what’s so great about stopping to smell the flowers!

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An Essential Oil Blend to Ease Your Allergies & Asthma Symptoms

Feeling the fall allergies? They’re pretty bad here in Colorado, and many people with fall allergies also have asthma.

Common allergens like pollen can flare an asthma attack in many of these people. Use this oil blend to either roll on your chest or to inhale as needed to help prevent or stop a mild asthma attack.

Recipe: Deeply Breathe

1-ounce lavender-infused apricot kernel oil
3 drops neroli essential oil (reduces shock and anxiety)
3 drops frankincense essential oil (stops wheezing, calms spirit)
2 drops ylang-ylang essential oil (arouses kidney to grasp lung qi)

As always, use only sustainably harvested and/or organic essential oils.