Feel Better This Fall: Essential Oil Blend to Ease Cold Symptoms

I know fall is here, mostly because people around me are starting to have that congested cough that often accompanies the onset of respiratory infections. 

I hear it rattle in their throat and chest and while part of me wants to run the other way with my nose and mouth covered, the other part wants to stay and give them this recipe to help reduce the length of their illness.

Try this essential oil blend to ease your cold symptoms this fall.

Essential Oil Blend to Ease Cold Symptoms

3 drops peppermint essential oil
3 drops melissa essential oil
3 drops grapefruit essential oil
6 drops clary sage essential oil
3 drops thyme linalool essential oil


  1. Blend these oils 2 ounces  of sweet almond or apricot oil.
  2. Rub them on the chest, neck, or any areas where lymph nodes are swollen or tender. This is also great to put in a bath to help reduce fever and body aches.

For some this may irritate the skin, so reduce the drops of essential oils (especially thyme and peppermint) if this irritation occurs.

Cheers to a healthier fall!


Smoothing the Transition Into Fall With Essential Oils

We are in the transition time between summer and autumn.

In Chinese medicine, the days between seasons are associated with the Earth element, reminding us to take this time to nourish and prepare ourselves for the season ahead. Autumn is associated with the Metal element and our body systems that include the Lungs and Large Intestine. These systems remind us to take a deep breath in, and upon your exhale, let it go. Nothing exemplifies this more than the paired organs of the lung and large intestine!

Autumn is usually a melancholic time for me, which is fitting since the emotion associated with the Metal element is grief. Part of grieving is an array of emotions that come before acceptance and forgiveness. Essential oils can help transition you from the depths of despair into a place of acceptance. The spicy flavor is also associated with the Metal element. Spicy herbs get our qi (life force) moving and can help get us out of any funk.

3 Essential Oils for Fall

1. Peppermint — not only great for digestion but also calms down an “angry” liver and helps move you from anger into acceptance. Diffuse this throughout your home or take in the form of peppermint spirits.

2. Thyme — one of our spiciest herbs and one of the best for preventing colds and flus; I also find thyme to be helpful in situations that take time to heal. For grief, I like to diffuse thyme with lavender and rosemary to help me remember the good times and move past the bad.

3. Clary Sage — known as a euphoric and helpful for menopausal symptoms, clary sage also aids us in gaining clarity and insight and lifting the clouds that surround us when we are in grief. I like to make a roll-on with a carrier oil and essential oils of clary sage, angelica, vetiver, and jasmine absolute when I feel sad from a significant loss.

Let me know your favorite spicy herbs and essential oils for fall!