The Herb Walk Podcast: Re-release of Interview with Monticue Connally

Season One Replay continues with an interview with one of my favorite Denver herbalists, Monticue Connally. His approach to herbalism (and life) is inspiring to anyone that appreciates the spiritual side of the work.

Samhain, or Halloween is the perfect time to sit back with a steaming cup of tea to listen to this episode about working with herbs and spirits. Monticue gifts us with him rapping too!

All you ghouls have fun out there tonight!

Witchy love,


The Herb Walk Podcast Interview with Monticue Connally

He sings, he raps, he’s also a medicine man. This week’s interview on The Herb Walk Podcast is with Denver musician and herbalist, Monticue Connally. Listen as Monticue sings, raps, and discusses his intimate relationship with spirits and plant medicine. Don’t miss an episode…Download The Herb Walk Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!