Celebrating the Summer Solstice

summer solsticeThe Summer Solstice has been celebrated in cultures around the world for centuries, maybe even for millennia.

In the northern hemisphere, today is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. In China, it represents the peak of yang energy with yin energy being at its lowest. Tomorrow will start the rise of yin and decline of yang, even though we normally see solstice as representing the beginning of summer.  

The perfect way to celebrate solstice is to invite your friends and community over for a feast with all of your favorite summer foods. If you are near water, jump in and balance the fire element of summer with a refreshing swim.

If you are in the southern hemisphere, today is the Winter Solstice and a good day to stay cuddled up inside with a good book and reflect on all that has come to pass in the last year.

Regardless of where you live, celebrate nature, the seasons, and all the abundance that is provided for us to thrive on earth.

It is also Father’s Day here in the United States, celebrate your Dad for all he has provided for you, as we celebrate Father Sun and all its life-giving properties.

Here’s a cooling drink to serve at your feast tonight or enjoy any time of day.  Feel free to add vodka, gin, whiskey or your drink of choice!

Cooling Drink Recipe:


  1. Using a gallon glass jar, add 1/2 cup raw sugar or honey, five squeezed lemons, enough loose green tea to fill about 1/4 of the bottom of the jar, and a handful of peppermint, spearmint or lemon balm sprigs.  
  2. Sit out in the sun for one to two hours. Strain the herbs and tea. Serve over ice and enjoy! For an extra fun drink, make the ice cubes with mint tea instead of plain water.

May your summer be filled with laughter, love, and abundance.

Photo: Jason

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