The Art of Doing Nothing & A Fall Tea Recipe

As the first snowstorm comes into the mountains around Denver I find myself a little intimidated by the cold, dark winter ahead. I put on a pot of black beans and wrap up in a warm blanket as I sit in my cozy blue chair and write. All my herbal adventures this year have brought on an intense need to just be — to sit and reflect and try not to expend much energy.

Traditionally, winter was an opportunity to rest, to reflect and tell stories of the years past, to connect back to yourself and the earth. Before the holiday rush begins take some time out to do nothing.  Literally, nothing. Stare into space and just let the thoughts come. Walk in the woods only if there is no goal or destination. Lay on the sand at the beach without feeling like you should be doing something. It is blissful when you can really let go and be. Allow space to fill you with the peace of nothingness.

Like most of us, there are a couple more things to be accomplished before the year is through. I have my final deadline on my book proposal December 1st. This process has been humbling and enlightening in my ability to share herbal medicine with others. Turning people on to the plants is my favorite part of teaching and practicing Chinese medicine and herbalism! I am truly blessed to live the life I want to live!

I will also send out one more newsletter this year. The newsletter will include links to my new videos! I have prepared 4 webinars that are approved for NCCAOM PDA’s and CA Acupuncture CEU’s. Anyone interested in Chinese medicine, Herbalism or Aromatherapy will find these videos inspiring and informative. I am giving one video away for free so there will also be a link to that discount code in the newsletter.  I hope you give me some honest (yet kind) feedback so I can improve for the next round. Sign up for my newsletter here!

I will continue my weekly blog posts and work on classes for next year. Thankfully more passive activities that can be done from my cozy blue chair or maybe even a tropical beach somewhere…

Until that beach happens, I want to share of my favorite autumn teas that warms me head to toe and that I know I will be drinking a lot of in the next few weeks.

Recipe: Autumn Tea

3-6 grams Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis root)
3 grams Chen Pi (dried tangerine peel)
3 grams Shan Zha (hawthorn berries)
1-inch slice of Sheng Jiang (fresh ginger root)


  1. Simmer all ingredients in 1 to 2 pints of spring water for 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. Strain out herbs and set aside (can reuse them if desired).
  3. Add a little honey if need be. Drink throughout the day.

May the rest of your week be restful and exactly what you need it to be! When energy flows, wellness grows…

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  1. What are you thinking about? Oh, nothing. Yeah, but really – I want to know your thoughts. There aren’t any – I’m just being. Right, but come on, you’re thinking about something! Uh, no, I’m NOT, or at least I wasn’t until you came along, I was doing NOTHING!

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