Moving into 2016 With Rebel Herbal Tea (Recipe)

Whew, 2016. I feel it has come on with a bang as my life has changed dramatically since 2015.  

When your dreams become reality, after years of innovation and hard work it feels good to revel in the achievement. It also feels good to go inside and listen to your deepest inner voice and observe how the completion of the goal makes you feel on a visceral level.

We have a tendency to tell ourselves that we are not worthy of love, abundance, or happiness. We make up excuses and procrastinations to keep us from accomplishing the vision we have for ourselves. I am done with these self-limiting beliefs that have been ingrained in me for lifetimes. I have had a reawakening — one that has brewing for years and is bubbling over and coming out in wonderful ways.

People, this is the year! This is the moment! You are here to shine! It’s time to bring your hopes, dreams and visions to reality. Life is short. We know it, we fear it and yet we still don’t truly live in the time we have on this beautiful earth. Friends live. Live the life you here to live. And be kind, loving and have compassion for all life. We are all precious. We all need love.

Speaking of hopes and visions, please share my blurbs on herbs and business success videos to those you love.  

I’ll leave you with a tea dedicated to and inspired by someone who gave many of us the courage to be ourselves and live our lives with passion and grace.

Rebel Hero Tea

1-2 tbsp Linden flowers
1-2 tbsp Jasmine flowers
1 tbsp Cannabis flowers (if of legal age)
1 tbsp California poppy
1 tbsp Hops


  1. Steep all ingredients in two cups hot water for 15 to 20 minutes.  
  2. Sweeten with honey and add non-dairy milk if desired.  
  3. Sip and envision what creation you are bringing to the world.

After drinking, get up and do it!

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