Recipe: Wake Up & Live Tea

A good friend of mine gifted me “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo. The book provides a daily meditation on how to have the life you want by being present with the life you have. Each day shares a heartfelt story about how he survived his cancer diagnosis.

Today’s message is about urgency and how the illusion of hurrying keeps us from fully living in the present. This falsehood binds us and keeps us from feeling the universal connectedness that surrounds us all.

There are mornings that I wake with an urgency that I don’t understand. Sometimes the feeling is evoked from a day of travel, new clients or for no reason at all. I have been trying to wake with no other feeling than joy. I open my eyes and am completely thankful for all I have. This is pretty easy to do from my nice new king size bed and my husband and cat keeping me warm and cozy. In this moment of gratitude, time slows and I am fully in the moment.

I encourage you to take just a few minutes a day to be truly present. Lie in bed, sit in meditation or walk through the forest and keep your attention on the sensations you are feeling right now. If your mind wanders, bring it back to breathing. Just be. For a few minutes, just be. It will do wonders for your life.

I leave you with a simple tea that will help bring peace and  as always, use organic and sustainably harvested herbs.

Wake Up & Live Tea

2-3 tbsp Tulsi Basil (guides the Spirit)
2-3 tbsp milky oats (grounds the body)
2-3 tsp rose buds (opens the heart)
1 tsp licorice root (harmonizes formula)


  1. Steep all ingredients in four cups boiled water for 10 to 15 minutes.  
  2. Strain herbs.  
  3. Drink tea and allow yourself to be present in this moment.

When energy flows, wellness grows.

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