Breathe Life In

I have been pretty silent about the book I’m writing.  Last year I submitted a book proposal to Hay House through their Writer’s Workshop.  I was thrilled to win 2nd runner up and receive a self-publishing contract through Balboa Press!  Writing Plant Songs was going to happen regardless of the  publishing contract, but the validation from the Universe gives me even more pleasure in finishing the book.

Plant Songs is my offering to our ancestors, the plants.  To spread their voices in hopes that by reading their words, it becomes easier for humans to hear the plants themselves.  And upon hearing them, will begin to treat them and the rest of life on Earth with respect.

Our plant friends want to be seen, heard, loved and revered.  All of life does. Doesn’t it make you feel better when you are acknowledged and appreciated for who you are?  We walk past plants everyday and completely ignore them while unconscious of the fact that our existence relies on their abundance and wisdom.  Specific plants will sprout up to repair the disturbed land from construction, grazing or disturbance.  Our favorite herbs like plantain (soothes or tissues and membranes), violet (powerfully cooling, uplifter of spirit and heart) and berries (astringent and strengthening) grow and nourish their Earth just as they nourish us, their human descendants.

IMG_0013I want to share with you some of what Magnolia has taught me. The medicine of Magnolia is varied depending on species.  Magnolia grandiflora is bitter and can help with the assimilation of nutrients and emotions.  The aromatic properties open the orifices of the spirit (mind, heart) and allow for deeper breathing and clarity of thought.  The intoxicating aroma and beauty of the flowers reminds us that life is not all doom and gloom but also immensely fulfilling.

Magnolia’s Song (as spoken to me when I needed to hear it most)

“Breathe Life In

Breathe Life Out.

Turn Despair into Growth

Replace Fear with Courage

Transform Hate into Love

Breathe Life In

Breathe Life Out”

I’d love for you to share any wisdom the plants have bestowed upon you.

When energy flows, wellness grows

Abundant Blessings,



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