5 Essential Oils for Men

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Each day I love watching fathers bike their children to school in my neighborhood.

While I also see moms biking their children to school, the fathers stand out to me — and this makes my heart smile.

In honor of all the great fathers out there, here are several of my favorite oils that are masculine enough for the manliest man, yet gentle and subtle enough to please any temperament.

5 Essential Oils for Men

1. Frankincense

Add a few drops of this oil to shaving cream or after shave lotion to begin your day with a meditative mellowness.

2. Vetiver

This is a seductive and sensual aroma; place one drop behind each ear as cologne.

3. Laurel

Add one or two drops to your collar to bring courage and commitment to your day.

4. Rosemary

Add 10 drops to two ounces of conditioner to increase circulation to the head, enhance hair growth and help with memory, focus, and concentration.

5. Tanacetum

This oil cools and sedates. Place one drop on the bottom of your feet to help with insomnia or anxiety.

Remember, men need healing as much as women do. I hope these oils bring balance and joy to your lives.

Men, share your favorite essential oils below.

Photo: Adriaan Bloem

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