Inspired by Herbs: Highlights of the American Herbalist’s Guild Annual Symposium

Gathering with other herbalists and aromatherapists always fills me with such inspiration.

The presenters, as well as the participants, brought their wisdom and love for the plants, and together we created a beautiful gathering.  I would like to thank the American Herbalists Guild for their ongoing effort of inclusiveness into this organization. Their membership has grown 65 percent in the last five years, so I believe their efforts of honoring the diversity of herbal education are succeeding.

A couple of highlights of the symposium for me were hearing Phyllis Hogan describe her ethnobotanical journey with the Hopi and Navajo. She co-founded the Arizona Ethnobotanical Research Foundation, which is committed to the investigation, documentation, and preservation of the traditional plant uses in Arizona and the greater Southwest.

This symposium was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to hear David Winston speak. I really enjoyed his teaching style and use of Chinese, Cherokee and Western herbal traditions. He seems a kindred spirit and I look forward to learning more from him in the future.

I encourage all of you to attend an herbal conference! The depth of knowledge that is passed on at these events is immeasurable. I always leave with my heart and mind full!

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