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Recipe: Redwood Tree Essential Oil Blend for Meditation, Focus, Bliss & More

As I sit among the redwood trees and bask in their majestic presence, I am deeply saturated by not only the moisture the traps in their canopy, but also by all the essential oils exuded by their cells. If you have ever sat in an old growth redwood forest, you know the sensation I am talking about. The density of the air is palatable and there is a silence that pervades deep within.

I like to use the Douglas Fir instead of Redwood in this blend, as I have yet to see redwood essential oil on the market. Like all conifers, Fir is anti-infectious and decongestant, so it has the extra benefit of protecting you from illness.

3 drops Douglas Fir essential oil
3 drops Pinon Pine essential oil
3 drops Frankincense essential oil


  1. Put essential oils and 1-ounce spring water in a spritzer bottle.
  2. Mix gently.

Mist yourself as needed for meditation, concentration or focus. Or anytime your mood needs a little pick me up!

Photo: Michael Balint

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