Floral Sun Tea Recipe

Vibes are high as the warm weather pervades Colorado and the sun motivates me to do more, feel more, be more!
Today’s recipe is one of my favorite herbal sun teas. I like to set out first thing in the morning and then enjoy in the late afternoon as a cooling remedy for my body and soul. On a really hot day, I’ll add ice (don’t tell my fellow acupuncturists!)

The best way to make sun tea to me is not to measure, but feel out how much of each herb to use. Clinically it’s important to measure herbs, but for the purpose of a fun sun tea- use your imagination!

Floral Sun Tea (fresh if possible)

A handful each of: rose petals, calendula and violet flowers, nettle leaves

A few milky oat tops

A small amount of red raspberry leaves 

Steep for a few hours in the sun and enjoy!!


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