This Land is Your Land

On this day I always sing Woody Guthrie’s infamous song, “This Land is Your Land.” Like the balladeers of yesteryear, I have lived in various parts of our beautiful country and  I am also not patriotic to our country. I am grateful to be “American” because I do understand my privilege. That privilege gives me the opportunity to see the world a little differently.

Every 4th of July I honor the land that has given so much to all of us. I remember the people that were slaughtered and disenfranchised with the colonization of America. I remember that their ancestors are still here, marginalized and still fighting for sovereignty. I remember that we are all dependent on this land, not only for our so-called freedom, but also for our lives. It is Mother Nature that ultimately provides.

Today while you are at the river or the lake, drinking cheap beer and eating hot dogs, take a minute and look at the lake. Really look at the lake, smell the water, feel the wind blowing through the trees, witness the life of the fish you just caught. Give thanks for all the life that surrounds you. Give thanks for all the life they provide.

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  1. Hi Jessica, I follow and like your blog! So I just nominated you for Liebster award. I am not sure you take a part in this kind of socializing activites, but in case…. I will keep reading you anyway 🙂 Ivana

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