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Growing up in the south, I am used to hot summer days. What is new to me is the dryness that accompanies the heat in Colorado. In some ways it makes the heat more bearable and you sweat less, but it is not the appropriate climate for my constitution. Since I have moved to Colorado my skin is dry and reactive in a way I have never experienced. Splotchy red in some places, pimples in another, and underlying it all, the feeling that no matter how much serum or moisturizer I apply my skin doesn’t look or feel hydrated.

Thankfully one of my besties Diane Avitable, has created a botanical Restore & Repair Processed with VSCO with f2 presetFacial Oil through her company, Take Time Out for Beauty. Not only does it smell delicious, with her combination of jasmine and rose, but also for the first time in a year, I wake up with my skin hydrated and glowing! I love it!

I know her facia oil works so well because Diane makes a rich base of botanical oils, the only way your skin can be truly nourished and healed. Restore & Repair is lightweight, bio available, and easily absorbed by the skin. Her facial oil is designed to repair the protective barrier layer of the skin. It calms and soothes irritation, balances natural oil production, nourishes and restores from the inside out! To make it even more amazing, Repair & Restore fights free radical damage, countering the signs of aging, illuminating and enhancing your skins natural glow.

Check out Take Time Out for Beauty and all Diane has to offer! I personally love her Instagram account, follow her today!

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