Day out of Time

The Day out of Time is the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar year from the Tzolkin, or Mayan Calendar (13X28=364). The Day out of Time re-aligns humanity into remembering our inherent connection to eternal time, the cosmos, and to nature. It is a day to remember we are all one, to remember our connection runs deeper than borders, gender, or race. We are connected by the earth, by the sun, by the stars, and by the cycles of the moon.

On this Day out of Time I hope you find yourself immersed in nature, looking at the stars with the people you love, and grateful for this awe-inspring world we live in. If you are in your office (it is Tuesday), try to get outside on your lunch break and sit amongst the trees in the park. Give thanks for the life they provide.

Back in my 20’s, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (still one of my favorite bands, and good friends of mine) used to talk about the Tzolkin and other aspects of Mayan culture. One thing that I heard a lot at their shows was, In Lak’ech, a phrase that basically means, I am another you (I am you. You are me). If we lived our lives as if we are one, that you are me, and I am you, maybe there would be less war, less destruction of the earth, less suffering at the expense of the privileged. Maybe we can start on this Day out of Time.

In Lak’ech,



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