Return of The Herb Walk Podcast: Dr. Ethan Russo Interview

The Herb Walk Podcast is back with Season Five! It has been an incredibly challenging year and a half since Season Four ended with a conversation with my good friend Greg Davidson. I have attempted to write blog posts, engage on social media, record interviews, all do all of the things I love to do. Reluctance, fear, sadness, despair, confusion, irritation, rage- all of these emotions arise with the first touch of the keyboard. 

Like so many of you I have had loved ones pass away. I have grown distant from friends and family, due to proximity or idealogical beliefs. I have been pushed to a new edge and it has taken me a while to come back to this space. I am glad to be back sharing my love of nature and herbalism with you once again. 

I have Big news- The Herb Walk is now on Patreon!  All of my podcasts will still be free of charge, but if you are able to become a contributor, I greatly appreciate it. I pride myself on being ad free, but it isn’t always easy to produce a podcast that isn’t monetized in any way. As a contributor you will receive monthly educational resources, free classes, essential oil blends (first 10 subscribers or everyone in the highest tier) and a business or health consultation (highest tier only).

After a long hiatus I am thrilled to start Season Five with a phone interview I had with Dr. Ethan Russo earlier this year. Many of you know Dr. Russo is an expert in cannabis and neurology, and has been on the forefront of cannabis research since the 1970’s. What you may not know is that he is a plant guy! While understanding the need for reductionism in science, he also believes that whole plant medicine is important (Entourage effect anyone?)

I sat down with Ethan (via Zoom) and discussed how he began his career, breakthroughs in cannabis research and what is happening with his new cannabis company, CreDo Science. We also chatted about what herbs he likes for himself, aromatic plants and navigating a business during this challenging time. He is a well-house of knowledge and I am honored to bring this conversation to you.

With that, make yourself  a cup of warm cup of tea, then sit back, and enjoy my conversation with  Dr. Ethan Russo! If you feel inspired, leave me a comment and share the episode with a friend. 

P.S. Sneak peak ahead on Season Five- Interviews with Derek Beres of Conspirituality, Willow Meili of The Grief Well, and Chip Baker of The Real Dirt Podcast. There will be other guests and solo episodes like Herbs for Winter, readings from my book, Plant Songs: Reflections on Herbal Medicine, and the latest research on Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

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