Online 6-week Community Herbalism Course

I am excited to announce a 6-week Community Herbalism Course LIVE on Zoom!

Classes will be held Wednesdays between March 2nd-April 6th between 6-8pm CST.

The cost is $120 for the entire course (only $20/class)

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Use PROMO CODE Community for 20% off!

This is the best group of classes for those interested in incorporating herbal medicine into their daily lives, through food, teas, and topical application. With an emphasis on the energetics of herbalism, we will cover both Western and Chinese herbs. You will find the discussion relevant and useful for you, your family and/or clients. Herbs and essential oils will be introduced.

Week 1: Introduction to Western Herbalism

Week 2: Introduction to Chinese Herbalism

Week 3: Si Qi Wu Wei: Herbal Energetics

Week 4: Nervines & Tonics

Week 5: Exterior Herbs: Treatments for Colds & Flu

Week 6: Introduction to Herbal Formulation

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I look forward to seeing you soon,


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