The Herb Walk Podcast: Botanical Skin Care with Diane Avitable

“Slow down and drink more water.” These are the wise words of Diane Avitable, esthetician, brow architect and beauty devotee. I have known Diane for a long time and I knew I wanted to have her on the podcast, because she is the expert I consult when I have questions about skin care. Her botanical skin care line, Take Time Out For Beauty, has been in my daily regimen for the last five years. When I run out and try other “natural” products, within a couple of weeks my skin looks dull and begins to feel dry and itchy. I have made all of my own skin care products for years and none have had the positive effects that Diane’s have had.

I love Diane for several reasons, but why I consult her with my skin, is her less is more approach to products and treatments, and how incredibly passionate she is about the concept of beauty.

In Diane’s words, “I believe beauty is my superpower. I feel very strongly about giving people the space and permission to prioritize themselves. I also think as women beauty is our birth right, it does not need to be expensive, packaged up in a trendy look , pushed on us by celebrities or something that takes up a ton of our time. It’s meant to be part of our daily practice, something that grounds us into our power. CARE OF SELF is more sustainable, finding ways to tend to yourself on a regular basis so it becomes part of your skill set to move through this world.”

Feeling beautiful, or even wanting to admit I wanted to feel beautiful, has always been hard for me. Diane embodies the birth right of beauty and her attitude is contagious! We all demonstrate beauty. It is the daily practice of caring for self that exemplifies it.

Our conversation on simple ways to care for your skin (and yourself) was also great reminder about how little time it takes to have radiant skin. Spoiler…start with a washcloth, warm water and one minute.

Key takeaways for me were sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, large hat, hydration, and being gentle with myself. There’s a lot of gems in this episode, as you will hear. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did having it.

Make a cup of tea, grab your favorite infused oil, sit back, and listen to this episode of The Herb Walk with Jessica Baker.

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