The Herb Walk Podcast: FECO Playbook

Needless to say 2022 has been incredibly stressful. Most of us could’ve used more herbal medicine to help cope with the weariness and exhaustion we have felt the last couple of years. I have tried to remember to take my herbs, breathe deeply, have patience, etc. It hasn’t always worked. The grief I have had over deaths of dear friends has spiraled me more than a little out of control. It has only been the last month that I am coming out of the mindfuck of two years of living through a pandemic. As I begin to care for myself again, I am reminded of how essential herbs are to my health and well-being.

We all know cannabis is one of my herbal allies. Like many people, I love smoking weed. When I got to college I went to a Cannabis Action Network meeting (where I met my future husband, Chip!) and learned about cannabis as fiber, fuel, medicine, and I became a true believer. In 1997, Chip and I moved to Humboldt County, California and I have been growing cannabis as medicine ever since. I am primarily still a joint smoker, but the popularity of cannabis extracts shows that concentrated cannabis is on the rise. Concentrates and edibles are 50% of the consumer market in states where medical and recreational cannabis are legal.

There are few cannabis products that are as strong as FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). FECO is an ethanol extraction of cannabis leaves/flowers, more often taken orally or rectally, than smoked. FECO is also reffered to as RSO or crude cannabis oil (the first pass extraction before distillate is made). Back in the day we just made it on the stove, called it hash oil and smoked it on hot knives. We have come a long way!

In this episode of The Herb Walk, I interview Jim Gerenscer and Jack Kungle of the FECO Playbook. We had a lively conversation about cannabis, terpenes, and how important lifestyle choices are to health. We are a culture of quick fixes and fad modalities, but the reality is cannabis is not always a miracle cure. Cannabis can be an important ally in your overall wellness plan.

I haven’t always taken the hype around FECO seriously, but I never doubted the healing powers of our medicinal plants. Hearing Jack and Jim talk about FECO use and cancer, I am beginning my own research of the benefits of FECO for chronic pain, tumor reduction, and nutritional analysis.

Thanks to their collaberation with cannabis growers and dispensaries in Oklahoma, if you are a medical cannabis patient with cancer you may be able to get FECO for a penny! The FECO Playbook informational website is loaded with recipes, videos, and resources for those that want to learn more. They also have a members only website for medical cannabis patients where they catalog personal experiences working with FECO.

Jim Gerenscer also has a non-profit, E.R.I.C. (which I name incorrectly in the episode- sorry Jim!) E.R.I.C. stands for Early Recognition is Critical and they educate about why getting a correct diagnosis is so important for survival. They are working with the Paul McBeth Foundation to educate about early breast cancer screening in Ugana, where there is a 50% mortality rate for women with breast cancer. We all know someone that passed away from cancer, many may have been prevented if they were diagnosed sooner. The E.R.I.C. website has resources for Free Cancer Screenings. Please share with your colleagues and loved ones.

Holidays are challenging for those that are grieving. While I don’t pretend to know what you’re going through, I do know that I, like all humans, have experienced sadness for those that are no longer here with us. Please reach out to loved ones and/or organizations if you need it. You are not alone and there is no shame in needing help. It is fucking hard out there!

It has been an honor to share another year with you. May you be safe. May you be well. May you be surrounded by those that love you.

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