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I have just returned from a family vacation in Alaska and British Columbia. Since I was born in Alaska, I have been wanting to get back there for years.

Helpful hint: if possible, go to Alaska! The scenery is magnificent, the locals are friendly and the native art is a must see. A highlight for me was seeing glaciers in person.

As my Dad said, “See the glaciers while you can.” Unfortunately, that’s a true statement. I saw the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau that according to a local, had receded greatly since he moved there in 1990. He was actually surprised at how much it had receded since he had been there just a couple years ago.  

It is imperative that we recognize, accept and change much about the way we live so we have the biodiversity for future generations to enjoy. And not just enjoy, but to have the ability to thrive as we have done.On a positive note, we have the resources to create a truly sustainable world if we really wanted to.  I am encouraged that we will come back to our senses and treat Mother Earth (and ourselves) with the love and respect we need to heal the planet.

While there, I found some local huckleberry tea, handmade herbal salves and ethically harvested chaga tincture. I was so happy to take home some herbal treasures to add to my medicine kit. I saw “Devil’s Club” for the first time growing wild by the side of the road from Anchorage to Whittier. Traveling and learning about different cultures feels me with such joy! Seeing them use the same herbs as I do always remind me that we are surrounded by our plant allies and they are an integral part of our survival and evolution. I encourage you to get to know some of the plants growing in your environment. You’ll be surprised how many are commonly used around the world.

With our global community in mind, I share with you a simple tea recipe inspired by some of my favorite cultures:

One World Tea

1-2 tbsp hawthorn leaf & flower
1-2 tbsp Shan Zha (hawthorn berry)
1-2 tsp Chen Pi (aged tangerine peel)
1-2 tsp linden flower
1-2 tsp fennel seed
1-2 tsp cardamom seed
1-2 tsp rose petals


  1. Simmer the Chen Pi, Shan Aha, cardamom and fennel for 10 to 15 minutes in a quart of water.
  2. Turn off the heat and steep the rest of the herbs for 10 to 15 minutes.  
  3. Strain herbs.  

Drink throughout the day and give thanks for the opportunity to celebrate the culture and from around the world. As always, use organic and ethically harvested herbs

When energy flows, wellness grows.

Photo: San.ounette

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