Fall & the Art of Letting Go

As I watch the leaves turn color, go limp and let go I am reminded of how beautiful it is to release what no longer serves me.

Our own process of going inward and releasing our fear, anger, and grief is like the autumn leaves. It requires a transformation, a surrender, and a liberation.

The past couple of days were hugely emotional for me as I let go of anger towards others and myself, owning my responsibility of forgiveness and motivated by all the energy I now have for myself. Holding on to blame and hatred has prevented me from being grounded and present on my own path.  I spent too much time giving my energy to negative thoughts about other people instead of focusing my positive intentions on what I am achieving.

Allow the courageous act of change that autumn inspires, help you let go of your inhibitions, excuses, judgements and anything else that is holding you back from moving forward in your life.

This autumn, eat root vegetables like dandelion and burdock to deeply nourish and ground you.  Drink teas of mint (spearmint, lemon balm) and sage (white, clary, or pineapple) to clear the respiratory tract. Begin taking a spoonful of elderberry syrup daily to boost yourself for the upcoming winter. Allow yourself 10 minutes a day to meditate, stretch, walk in the forest, sit on a bench in the park. Do nothing and just breathe. Revel in the fact that you are alive, you are here, you are you.

When energy flows, wellness grows.

Photo: Ian Sane

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