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Release Fear & Embrace Life (+ A Herbal Tea Recipe to Help You Do So)

I have been told by several people that last week’s blog post helped them move through some serious anger they were holding.  As I continue to release what no longer serves me I am reminded that I continue to carry around fear, insecurity, and hesitation around my career.

After years of private practice, I have been teaching and writing more. It is scary! The part that frightens me the most is failure. For me, I don’t even know what this vague concept of failure really means. Does it mean my classes won’t be attended? Does it mean I don’t do the plants justice by not sharing their messages in just the right way? Or, is it my own low self-esteem just playing tricks on me?

Today, envision yourself accomplishing one of your loftiest goals. See yourself completely satisfied at the completion of something you dared to think couldn’t happen. What emotions are you feeling?  What do you look like? Are you the age you are now or is this in the future? Who is supporting you and cheering you on? Take this vision and place it in your heart. Be courageous and tell your closest friend what this dream/goal is. If they aren’t supportive, tell them you only need positivity to make this happen.

Here’s a simple herbal tea to help you release fear and increase positive abundance in your life:


  1. In 16 ounces of water add 1 to 2 tbsp Osha root and one reishi mushroom (cut in pieces if possible).
  2. Decoct (simmer) for 15 minutes.  Strain and put herbs aside to use in another batch of tea.
  3. This formula is Bitter! If needed, add honey to taste.

Osha root brings strength and courage while Reishi lifts the spirit, enhances spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing.

I bow to all of you courageous souls and encourage you to listen to your heart and fulfill your life’s purpose.

When energy flows, Wellness grows.

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