Unexpected Teachings

I am still processing what I experienced on Trinidad State Beach Monday afternoon.  I was on my way to Grandmother Rock to sit at the base of her feet and tell her about the women’s conference I attended in Pacific Grove and all of the breakthroughs I experienced.  I stopped short and just stood watching the waves and being one with the rocks, ocean and sand.  I began to walk back to my car when I thought, “I need a teacher, both a business coach and a spiritual mentor.”  

Just then I looked to my left and saw a fin swimming close to shore.  “Dolphin energy”, I thought.  Then I realized the fin was too close, caught in the tide and about to be up on the shore.  I looked down the beach and noticed a couple of other people saw it too.  For a moment, we stared helpless.  Then I flagged down a couple of women and asked them to call the wildlife rescue team.  I was slowly walking towards it, trying to connect with it, when a couple of young women approached us.  The energy of this majestic ocean mammal had us both in awe and afraid.  We knew we had to do our best to help him back into the sea.  I looked into the dolphin’s eye and I know he was aware that we were there to help any way we could.  My thoughts and his were linked as he pleaded, “Push me back in.”  I noticed an undertow area on the beach and with the help of three other women and one big burly guy we could pick him up enough to guide him back into the surf with the tide.

I don’t know if the harbor porpoise (as the marine biologist who came later told us) is still alive.  He was disoriented, scarred and had one bloody eye.  When I left the beach that day he was at the base of rocky Trinidad Head, struggling in the waves but safely in the water, not on the shore, not beached and helpless.  I went back the next morning and thankfully didn’t see his carcass on the sand.  My hope is that he made it farther out to sea and is swimming happily with his pod.  Or that he died out in the ocean, food for the sharks and fishes, as is meant to be.

Since this blog is supposed to be on herbs, I will leave you with a tea inspired by my morning beach walk the day after the dolphin taught me a simple, yet profound lesson.  To always do what I am capable of doing.  All I can do is what I am able and willing to do.  All I can do is my best.  On Monday, I did what I could to help the dolphin and now I have to release the outcome and leave the rest up to Nature.  Today I encourage you to do what you can to make a difference in your life or someone else’s.  Today, do your best and be okay with knowing the outcome is out of your control.  Today, love yourself enough to know you are enough, regardless of what you have accomplished. 

Because I Can Make a Difference TeaIMG_4306

2-3 tsp Horsetail (unopened)

2-3 tsp Plantain leaves

2-3 tsp Violet leaves and flowers

If possible, pick at sunrise and infuse as a sun tea for 1-2 hours.  Invoke the energy of the sun and the wisdom of the moon into the tea and ask for the courage and strength to do all you can do to help yourself and others.  Drink as needed for clarity and inspiration.

When energy flows, wellness grows.

Abundant Blessings,





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