The Spirit of Angelica

I wanted to share one of my favorite essential oil blends with you.  I created this recipe sagemeditateafter a surreal experience with burning the root of Angelica archangelica.  I had a good sized root that I harvested years ago and found it so beautiful I just couldn’t bring myself to use it.  I carried the root in a jar with me and showed it to students in some of my classes.  One night while camping I decided to burn part of the root.  As I lit the dried root on fire, I inhaled the smoke and began to feel deeply relaxed.  Within seconds the essence of spirits (angels, beings- call them what you will) were all around me.  Their gentleness soothed me as I began to remember all the loved ones I have lost. In the smoke from the smoldering root I began to see images of my grandmothers, my friends and others that have passed on.  I cried a long cathartic cry as the spirits cradled and whispered words of love into me.  When the smoke and spirits disappeared, I felt profoundly relieved from some of the grief I had been holding deep inside.

Although this recipe may not give you an experience like the one I had with the Angelica root, I have found this Aromatherapy blend to be super helpful for me during yoga, meditation or any time I need a reminder that I am always held.  I hope you find it as yummy as I do.

Spirit of the Sages

1 ounce organic carrier oil, I use Apricot kernel oil (infused with rose, calendula or any flower you love)

3 drops White Sage essential oil (purifying, cleansing, relaxes the nervous system)

2 drops Clary Sage essential oil (uplifting, clarifies intentions)

1 drop Palo Santo (purifying, brings you into meditative state)

1 drop Angelica archangelica essential oil (regulating, bridge to spirit)

Drop essential oils into carrier oil and mix gently.  I like to put the oil in a roll-on bottle for easy application to rub on temples, forehead, chest or anywhere desired.  Place a drop or two of the oil on your yoga mat to inhale the fragrance whenever you’re in a forward bend or child’s pose.  

It is my intention that with each breath you will find more peace, balance and love.

Forever Grateful,



ps. the image of the Angelica archangelica and bumblebee is from a blog post from The Herb Gardener ((check out their post on growing angelica and other herbs)

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