Compassionate Action

I am very emotional this week.  I have been intensely reactive to all that is happening in our world.  My grief over a seemingly endless war, the constant conscious destruction of our planet and the blatant disregard for human life in our own country came to a head and I had a few eruptions.  Some were misplaced and others were truths that needed to be expressed (but maybe could’ve been done more eloquently).

I am human and I make mistakes.  I react like many others have and I learned a lot about myself this week.  I am reminded that I am an activist, always have been, always will.  I am reminded that I need to speak my truth with grace and not anger.  I am reminded how precious my plant allies are to me.

I rely heavily on Hawthorn leaf and flower to calm down my racing heart and relieve that tightness in my chest that comes on when I think of the sorrow and fear that we all collectively experience.calendula bowl

The vibrant colors of Calendula flowers has been integral in helping me see the world a
little brighter and settling my stomach and nerves.

To nourish and ground me, Marshmallow root brings me back to the present moment when I want to escape from our harsh realities.

I am anointing myself with essential oils of Mugwort, Blue Chamomile and Jasmine (diluted in Artemisia infused oil); this combination has been dear to me as of late and has been helping me move past my anger and grief.

Change starts from within.  When you truly love and accept yourself just as you are, loving others just for who they are becomes easier.

May your transformation bring justice, peace and love into the world.



When energy flows, wellness grows



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