Nature Medicine

It’s always a bit difficult to return to “normal” life after a weekend of being completely immersed in Nature.  Since the herbal class was postponed I chose to cruise around Colorado and camp wherever my heart took me.  What a blissful journey it was!


Besides playing my ukulele (Kalalele is her name) and hiking around, I just sat in quiet contemplation and was in awe of how wonderful life is.  I was completely cradled by our Mother Earth, nurtured deep to my core.  Communing with all life around me.  Pure Joy!

In one location I was completely surrounded by Osha!  A treat for a coastal herbalist.  In another, wildflowers as far as the eye could see.  I can’t believe how many herbs grow at these elevations.  Such strong medicine!

I had great conversations with the Pine trees and sang along with the river as she flowed through me.  Icy cold water that saved me from the heat and the mosquitos!

I hope you find the time to retreat into Nature and open yourself to all life has to offer.

When energy flows, wellness grows

With love,




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