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I tried to send this blog post from the air, but I can never access the onboard wi-fi. The friendly skies of United are all too familiar to me the last couple of years but I must say I do Love traveling and get excited before every flight. There are certain things that I must have for my flights, the most important being my essential oils.

For starters, smells can be funky on the plane; stale air, BO, and the other unpleasant realities I won’t speak about. To help with the nausea from these smells and from motion sickness, I put one or two drops of diluted Peppermint essential oil on my hair or scarf (if peppermint leaves mortal pestelI’m wearing one). That way I can inhale deeply without fear of noxious odors! In a pinch, I can also drop one drop of Peppermint oil in a little fat based substance (milk, yogurt, coconut oil) and ingest internally in case I need something stronger to settle my stomach. For relaxation after the push of getting to the airport, through security and to my gate on time, I’ll place a drop of Lavender essential oil behind each ear (Lavender is one of the oils you can place Undiluted on your skin) and feel my tension melt away. For protection against any germs that linger within a closed air environment I bring a small spritzer with essential oils of Lavender, Thyme, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass that I use as a hand sanitizer or mist if someone is coughing or sneezing around me.

Of course I bring way too many other essential oils,  but I have other necessities as well, like my laptop, noise canceling headphones, lots of tunes and a good book. And I always carry at least one herbal tincture and my Rescue Remedy too. I hope you stay healthy and energized during your travels and have as much fun as I do!

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