Oils and Herbs for Transition

As we move deeper into August we begin to feel the shift from Summer to Autumn.  These transitional periods affect us viscerally and psychically much more than we often realize.  It is in these in-between times that my greatest shifts occur.  For me, I find herbs and essential oils to be an integral part of helping me with these transformations.

Especially important when moving into Autumn (and for all those back to school illnesses that tend to occur) is Elderberry.  A daily tonic of Elderberry syrup, tea or tincture is going to strengthen our Respiratory health and help protect us from airborne illnesses.  For some yummy Elderberry recipes, check out Ancestral Apothecary’s blog post Elderberry Medicine

Essential oils of Monarda, Ravensara, and Eucalyptus are your allies to build and monarda-fistulosa-003modulate our immune systems, making us stronger and more resilient throughout the cold season.  I recommend diffusing these oils in your home and office.  I like to place it by the front door so everyone that enters is enveloped in their healing essence.  Your children can also take a spritzer made with these oils to keep in their locker or backpack and use as a hand sanitizer throughout the day.

As the days become shorter, I get a little antsy thinking about the Winter ahead.  In Colorado, our first snow can come in September and the thought of a cold, dark season fills me with a little dread.  Not only do I step up my intake of fresh St. John’s Wort tincture, but I also anoint myself with a blend of diluted      St. John’s Wort, Yarrow and Clary Sage essential oils.

St. John’s Wort brings the light of the Sun deep into my being

Yarrow gives me the courage and strength to welcome in the yin quality of the darker seasons

Clary Sage brings clarity to my thoughts and focus to my intentions

If you want to learn more about herbalism and aromatherapy, join some of your favorite herbalists at the American Herbalists Guild Annual Symposium September 29-October 3, 2016 in Seven Springs, PA.   Check out the Symposium schedule!                                                                                                                                                                   I will teach a class on Clinical Aromatherapy & Infectious Disease and one on  Redefining Trauma: An Herbal Approach to Healing Deep Wounds.  

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