Recipe: Herbal Cream for Irritated Skin

I have used this cream for a variety of complaints, from eczema to dermatitis from an allergen. Safe for babies, yet strong enough to heal chronic skin conditions, this cream will amaze you!  

Healing Skin Cream

Create a 2 ounce Plantain and Prunella infused apricot kernel Oil
Add 1-3 tbsp Cocoa Butter (less will be more like a lotion, more will be thicker)

This alone will drastically improve the condition of your skin, but you might as well give it a longer shelf life and get the added benefits of essential oils!

While mixture is still warm add 1-4 drops Helichrysum, 3 drops Carrot seed, 2 drops Myrrh to repair skin and prevent further scarring

As always, use organic and sustainably harvested herbs and oils.

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