Ritualistic Intentions

My heart is full after attending the 1st annual Red Earth Herbal Gathering in Longmont, CO.  Inspired by the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, Red Earth honors womens ritualwomen and the cycles we experience throughout our lives.  Always present is the reverence for our medicinal plants that guide and support us along our way.  Astrid Grove and Leela Whitcomb-Hewitt brought a much needed gathering to Colorado and I thank them greatly for it!

One reminder was the importance of ritual in my life.  Some rituals have become so habitual and mundane that I barely recognize the fact that I’m making an herbal tea or aromatherapy blend.  I am reminded to slow down, root deep and expand.  It is in this space, called the WuJi in Chinese medicine, that I have extra sensory experiences and bring the wholeness of the universe into whatever I am doing.  It is in this space that I see reality clearly and tap into what it is I need for the day.

The last few days I have noticed a substantial shift in the way I approach life.  My morning tea ritual is much more intentional and I can feel the difference it has made.  In my practice of yoga and qi gong, I am more aware of subtleties I have been too distracted to notice.  When I diffuse an essential oil or decide which oils to blend I hear the voices of the plants, elated that I am once again listening with the oldest parts of myself.

I encourage you to take a few extra minutes each day to create simple ritual in your life.  If you are the type of person that needs sensory tools to help creating your sacred space, I suggest Frankincense, Myrrh and Amber resins ground up and burnt as an incense, or if you don’t want the smoke to fill your room, you can diffuse the essential oils to elicit feelings of relaxation, expansiveness and meditation.

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  1. This is such a good week for creating rituals! I’m reading about the importance of them and was inspired to make that the theme of my next post as well. Morning tea is my ritual too. Cheers! Wish I had known about the conference in Longmont!

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