Autumn Soup

Try This Recipe for Autumn Tonic Soup

As October glides past us like an autumn leaf, I get excited for the season of root vegetable stews and warm cups of tea.

One of my favorite soups is to throw in any root and vegetable I can find- burdock, dandelion, turnip, carrot, radish, broccoli and throw it in with garlic, ginger, and scallion and as much water as will fill it all.

I let it cook down for hours, adding more scraps, salt, spices and water as I see fit. After satisfied with the extraction of all possible goodness from the plants, I strain off the herbs for composting and am left with the most delicious, medicinal broth imaginable.

I add some sautéed mushrooms and a little chickpea miso to the broth, make a grilled cheese sandwich and sit back and watch the blustery breeze outside. The broth is easy to freeze to be pulled out later for a base in casseroles and other dishes. 

What’s your favorite fall recipe? Comment below!

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