The Wilderness is Calling You

Whew! The summer has been a whirlwind so far. I haven’t even had the opportunity to hike or camp as much as I’d like, and with our shorter Colorado summers I am getting a little antsy.

That’s why I’m so exited to camp near Gunning this weekend and attend a western energetics class with Jim McDonald at Rooted Apothecary. The wilderness is calling my name and I am responding! I plan on a hot springs diversion and some herbal wildcrafting along the way  (only tiny amounts of course!)mt states foraging book

Pretty much wherever you are, our herbal allies are all around.  You just have to be able to identify them properly.  As someone fairly new to the Rocky Mountains, I find Briana Wiles, Mountain States Foraging, to be a good resource.  The pictures are beautiful and the descriptions of the plants are eloquently written.

If you want to learn more about herbalism, join us at the American Herbalists Guild Annual Symposium in Seven Springs, PA  from September 29-October 3.  I’ll be teaching two classes, one on Aromatherapy & Infectious Disease and the other Redefining Trauma: An Herbal Approach to Healing Deep Wounds.  I hope to see you there!

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